Goodbye and farewell!

Thank you for your support and patronage through the years.  We wish you the best as radicalDESIGNS fades away....

It is with heartfelt emotion that we bid farewell after a decade of servicing your website design, development and maintenance needs. We have been proud of our back stage contributions in highlighting your work, including but not limited to – growing a solidarity economy; enabling voices for equality in education and funding the education pipeline; putting an end to sexual violence; supporting statewide business alliances; empowering young people for social justice; promoting healthy relationships out of trauma; standing for economic progress and fairness on the job; serving children in out-of-home care centers; reducing greenhouse gases; protecting endangered forests; connecting the dots between women’s reproductive health and their rights; displaying states’ economic trends and state governance reforms; protecting your rights to safe and enjoyable bicycling; serving under-served communities; transforming leadership in protecting and restoring watersheds; supporting victims, family, friends and all those whose lives have been affected by sexual assault; meeting the emotional needs of foster youth; providing free and low-cost legal assistance and education on virtually any civil matter to persons living with HIV/AIDS; avoiding common issues that result in discrimination; deterring torture and other severe human rights abuses around the world; improving governmental services and operations in the San Francisco Bay Area; coordinating a regional body for labor cooperation and unity; passing landmark legislation about pesticide use in schools and childcare facilities; creating and advancing unified policies for all Teamster Local Unions and Joint Councils; harnessing the power of human rights to inspire fairer and more sustainable economies; ensuring an equitable future where human genetic and reproductive technologies benefit the common good; promoting green design and responsible recycling in the electronics industry; advocating for the protection and restoration of Northwest California’s forests, using an integrated, science-based approach; catalyzing a global shift towards environmental justice by strengthening grassroots social movements that advance solutions to waste and pollution; creating spaces for dialogue and action that help heal the harms caused by racialized drug policies; interfacing with the United Nations to collaborate on solutions to global drug issues; being a voice for publicly employed professionals that are frequently subjected to the vagaries of political whims and outside interest groups, enabling U.S. Gulf Region communities, workers, and concerned citizens to speak out about how oil, petrochemical, and other fossil fuel pollution is threatening their livelihood, their health, and the ecosystems they rely on; inspiring and engaging in transformative action towards the liberation and restoration of land, labor, and culture; being the coordinating regional body for labor cooperation and unity in the San Francisco Bay Area; educating, inspiring and empowering young people to become activists for social justice; defending and advancing the rights of California tenants to safe, decent and affordable housing; enabling outreach, recruitment, retention and leadership development for women in blue-collar skilled crafts; bringing international attention and support to community-led efforts to defend forests, sustainable livelihoods, and human rights in Borneo; investigating climate change, fossil fuels, and corporate power; ending sexual violence and supporting survivors at the local, state and national level in the U.S.; spotlighting the calculations of what various families need to get by in Texan metro areas; and most recently transforming the way leadership development work is understood, practiced and promoted, primarily within the nonprofit sector.

Keep up your wonderful work!

There is still much work to be done and we have disbanded in an effort to amplify our individual good deeds in new areas. While radicalDESIGNS may be fading away, our energies are certainly coming into sharper focus elsewhere – and we invite you to do the same.